There is something special about visiting these modern-day cave-dwellings in the heart of rural Lesotho.

The village, Ha Kome, is situated about 60km from Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho, in the foothills of the majestic Maluti Mountains. During the summer months, these mountain slopes are often covered with bright-red flowers. Commonly known as red-hot pokers, these beautiful flowers provide a striking contrast to the lush green vegetation of the area, they are often planted around dwellings as its believed to ward off lightning.

Here several families follow a centuries-old way of life. They actually build their homes inside the caves of the mountain slope. The front wall is insulated with a mixture of mud and cow dung. This insulation affords some protection from Lesotho’s cold winters, when the temperature can fall below the freezing point. Inside, there is a lowered spot in the floor called ifo, meaning “fireplace,” which is also used to provide some heat when it is cold.

The roof, the back wall, and often the sidewalls are all formed by the rock of the cave itself. A mixture of mud and cow dung is applied to these, and it is reapplied each year. This adds color and a smoother surface to the rock. Cowhides decorate the interior and are also used as mattresses for sleeping.

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One of the highlights of travelling in Lesotho is a visit to the Maletsunyane Falls, just outside of Semonkong.

The falls is one of the longest single-drop waterfalls at 192m, and driving from Semonkong on a small dirt-track to to the other side of the valley is definitely worth it. Other options are to hike or pony-trek to the Maletsunyane waterfalls.

We recommend staying at Semonkong Lodge! The lodge offers you the chance to explore the magnificent scenery and culture of Lesotho. The Lodge together with the local community provides ponies and guides for trips to the Maletsunyane Falls.

Also very popular is their highest commercially-run abseil in the world.

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A tour to the Sani Pass and Lesotho is just an aspect of the multifaceted gem that a trip to South Africa offers travellers!

South Africa is a getaway that packs a punch.

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Sani Pass Day Tour

The beginning of Sani Pass is not far from the village of Himeville, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is a famous pass that connects South Africa to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. So if you are in the area, this is a must to make sure that you get the most out of your trip to this stunning piece of the world! Book your Sani Pass Day Tour now.

San Rock Art Tour

Have the rare opportunity of finding historical pieces of art in settings like none other. This is a truly African experience that will give you very special memories to take home with you. Our guides at Roof of Africa Tours will be pleased to take you on this adventure. Book your San Rock Art Tour now.

Pucketty Farm

Just before you enter Underberg you will find this quaint farm stall. All their products are homemade and delicious! As you step in breathe in the delightful air filled with the aroma of freshly made homemade bread. Visit Pucketty Farm online.

Guided Hiking Trails

The mountains and nature reserves around Underberg, Himeville and the Sani Pass makes for days upon days worth of spectacular hiking trails suitable for all ages and fitness levels. To find the best hiking trails, we invite you to have one of our guides at Roof of Africa Tours show you the way. Contact Roof of Africa Tours.

Sani Spoors

The area of Underberg is superb in beauty and only fully appreciated at a slower pace than what modern transport provides. Sani Spoors is made up of a group local farmers who are passionate about the place that they call home. They invite you to take your mountain bike on a trail suitable to your fitness level and really experience the beauty of Underberg. Visit Sani Spoors online.

Mistbelt Forests Birding

Stuart McLean will take you on an exciting excursion through the Mistbelt Forests in search of the very rare Cape Parrot and the hard to find Orange Ground Thrush. Anyone who enjoys the outdoors will love this hike, no matter if you are a serious birder or not. Contact Roof of Africa Tours.

Cycle Down Sani Pass

Since Sani Pass has such stunning views, why not see it from another perspective? If you own a mountain bike, bring it along with you on your next trip to Underberg. Roof of Africa Tours offers transport up Sani Pass for you and your friends, along with your bicycles. Contact Roof of Africa Tours to plan your bicycle trip down the famous Sani Pass.

Lesotho in a Day

If you want to experience more of Lesotho than you would on a regular Sani Pass Day Tour, the Lesotho in a Day Tour is just for you and Roof of Africa Tours offers exactly that. This tour will take you up Sani Pass and further on into a village in the Mountain Kingdom, called Mokhotlong. This is truly an experience that you cannot enjoy anywhere else in the world. Book a Lesotho in a Day tour now!

Horse Riding Trails

Another special way to experience the beauty of the area in Underberg and surrounds, is on the back of a horse. There are horses and trails to suit your experience level – from beginner to experienced. Contact Roof of Africa Tours.


This area of the Drakensberg affords its visitors with more opportunities for fly-fishing than anywhere else in South Africa. There are stores in Underberg that can provide you with the necessary equipment if you did not bring your own along with you. Visit the official website for the Southern Drakensberg.


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When you hear of overland adventures to Lesotho, what comes to your mind?

Watch this beautiful photo video of some of the sites you will see on your travels to Lesotho:

Video credit goes to Lesotho National Development Corporation LNDC

Roof of Africa Tours arranges overland tours of Lesotho that range from 1 day to a week. We all have different interests, especially when it comes to travel. One man’s cup of tea would be to spend his time fishing the mountain rivers of Lesotho, whilst another would rather boost his adrenaline with the many adventure sports the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho has to offer.

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