Birding with Aldo

Birding with Aldo – Join us on an online course!

Aldo is one of South Africa’s top birding teacher/guides. Throughout his life, he has introduced many people into user-friendly birding. The new set of online courses is a new lockdown-inspired experience which will add value to your life forever. Join our small personalised interactive groups!

Birding is difficult for beginners and the Beginner Course will enable and empower you to experience birding as a rewarding and fun process forever. Learn techniques and processes which take the mystery out of birding. Join the first session completely free of charge now!

The Kruger with Aldo course provides a unique path to adding value and reward to your next Kruger Park trip. The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate birders, introducing more than 80 of the most common birds which can present identification challenges.

Begin Birding with Aldo

Learn practical strategies that will help you you with your birding.

Kruger with Aldo

A habitat-based approach to introduce you to more than 80 bird species.
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