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Highlights of Lesotho, 4 Day Tour from Durban

The mountain kingdom of Lesotho is out-of-this world for its sheer mountain beauty. Combine that with its unique culture where the people have combined a 21st approach to certain day-to-day activities whilst holding onto their culturally unique way-of-life and it blends into an amazing experience.

We have perfected a 3-day Lesotho tour departing from Underberg. which incorporates many of the top things to do in Lesotho, despite being on a time budget.

Many of our guests are using Durban as a starting point for our very popular Lesotho Highlights tour and we have thus created this special 4 day Lesotho highlights tour starting in Durban.

Of course, Lesotho has even more amazing things to do and see, but we feel that this tour has become a favourite because it packs so much into just 4 days of overland in Lesotho!

Sani Pass, Lesotho Cultural Immersion, Drakensberg Bushmen Paintings, Dinosaur Footprints, Modern-day Cave Dwellers and Semonkong…

Please have a look at our itinerary for more detailed info of this tour.

Travelling in a group larger then 2? Contact us before booking so we can ensure you get the correct booking at the correct rate.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Durban – We arrange our departure from your accommodation.

We can also start the Lesotho tour from Underberg.

RETURN TIME Approximately 7-8 PM on day 4 in Durban.
WEAR In the warmer months (October – March)– dress in light-weight clothing but bring a warm jacket, as the weather can change drastically. In the colder months (April – September) – dress very warmly.
A personal tour guide
Comfortable 4X4 transport
Complimentary refreshments
Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
DO NOT FORGET Your passports (and VISA if required)
Personal Items, including warm clothing and comfortable shoes
VISA REQUIREMENTS Please click here for Lesotho VISA requirements.


Additional information

GroupsizeMinimum 2

4 Day / 3 Night Lesotho Tour Itinerary


  • Mantsebo or El Paso Guest House
  • Bird Haven Guest House
  • Semonkong Lodge 

Highlights of the Lesotho 4-Day Tour:

Day 1:

  • Sani Pass
  • A look into the rural lifestyle of the people living in the “Kingdom in the Sky”

Day 2:

  • Optional Pony Trek in the Mountains of Mokhotlong
  • Roof of Africa Route – amazing views from the top of Africa!
  • Bushman Paintings – interesting history into the nomadic bushmen

Day 3:

  • Dinosaur Footprints – dating millions of years back at the Subeng stream
  • Kome Caves – a unique cave dwelling dating back to the time that cannibals inhabited Lesotho
  • Thaba Bosiu – the epicentre of Lesotho’s Culture and History
  • Capital City – Maseru a thriving African CBD

Day 4:

  • Semonkong
  • Maletsunyane Falls – One of the longest single-drop falls in Africa


Day 1:

  • Depart at 08:00 from Durban and head to the aptly named town of Underberg under the Drakensberg mountains. In our guided 4wd vehicle in Underberg we proceed into Lesotho Via Sani Pass
  • The Sani Pass climbs from 1500m to 2874m ASL, with the last 8km climbing nearly 1000m ASL. The famous switchbacks overlooking the South African valleys are spectacular.
  • Climb further to the top of Black Mountain Pass at 3240m ASL.
  • The remote villages of the Sani Top and Mokhotlong areas are some of the most remote villages in Lesotho. Get an inside look at the people living in this tough environment with a visit to a village.

Day 2:

  • The route from Sani Top to Thaba Bosiu is often called the Roof of Africa route, we have already conquiered the Sani Pass as well as Black Mountain Pass. Today we tackle Taeeng pass at 3225m and Motebong pass at 2820m. Along the way you will see Letseng Diamond mine – the world’s highest diamond mine and Afriski Moutain Resort and countless villages and other picturesque scenes.
  • We descend into the lowlands of the Thaba Bosiu area and visit the Bushman Paintings at Liphofung at approx.. 16:00.
  • The area of Lesotho is more built up then the remote highlands that we started the day in, we will head to our overnight accommodation in Hlotse.
  • Check-in at Bird Haven at approx. 18:00.

Day 3:

  • Breakfast at 07:00, depature at approx.. 08:00-30.
  • We backtrack slightly to visit a riverbed close to our overnight accommodation where there is evidence of prehistoric life forms. If the river is in flood these ancient footprints are hidden to the world but usually the water levels are low enough for us to look at the Dinosaur Footprints
  • We now leave the main road to Maseru and travel to the Kome Caves, home to modern cave-dwellers, these caves were originally inhabited by clans escaping the Lifqane wars and cannabilism.
  • We make our way to Thaba Bosiu along the back roads which go through many rural villages.
  • Thaba Bosiu is a cultural centre of utmost importance to Lesotho and its history.
  • From Thaba Bosiu we drive into the capital city Maseru for lunch at approx. 13:00, this gives one a good understanding of modern-day city life in Lesotho and its mix with Lesotho’s strong culture.
  • By 15:00, We head back into the highlands of Lesotho going through the Mantsa Pass to highland town of Semonkong.
  • Dependant on weather and water levels a lovely sunset is over the Maletsunayne falls we may go there before checking into Semonkong
  • Check-in at Semonkong at approx. 17:30

Day 4:

  • Breakfast at 7:30am
  • Hike / 4wd Drive to the Maletsunyane Falls
  • Depart the Lesotho highlands via passes that enter South Africa at Qacha’s Nek. We snake our way through the last remote villages of Lesotho. We cross the Senqu river again – which we first saw on day 1 and then follow it along the Senqu river valleys toward the border town of Qachas Nek.
  • Once back in South Africa we are normally in Matatiele around 13:00 for lunch.
  • From Matatiele we skirt alongside the Drakensberg mountains and return to Underberg along scenic back roads, returning usually around 15:00-16:00.
  • After a quick coffee stop, we arrange the transfer back to Durban to the airport or to your accommodation of choice.
Please note the times are approximate.