6 hours, 8 hours

This hike gives you a first-hand experience of the natural wilderness of Drakensberg viewed through a glimpse into the lives of the now-vanished San people, the first people of southern Africa. The San or Bushman people occupied the Drakensberg for at least 35 000 years, but vanished by the end of the 19th century. Your hike takes you to one of the finest rock art sites in the Drakensberg.

Your deeply-experienced naturalist guide, Aldo Berruti, will interpret the natural environment and provide insight into the lives and art of the San people.

The hike is 12-13 km in length with an ascent of 400m, lasting some 5-7 hours, and requires good hiking fitness. Participants need good hiking footwear, sunscreen, hats, a warm jacket, and waterproofs. A packed lunch and liquids are provided.

Special Group Rates for groups of over 2!

Bookings are subject to availability of the guide. Please contact us before making a booking.

Visit the San Rock Paintings of the Drakensberg

The rock paintings in the Drakensberg are hidden gems waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Discovering these paintings with the help of a guide is a truly rewarding feeling. Rock art experts feel strongly that these paintings are of the world’s most sophisticated art pieces. However, you need not be a fan of art to appreciate these paintings. The art paints a picture of the life of the San people, giving us a beautiful glimpse into the history of the Drakensberg. Paintings include pictures of people and animals, like the eland antelope which can still be found roaming areas like the Cobham Nature Reserve.

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